Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Harry Freakin' Potter

Harry Potter. Musicals. My two favourite things in life. Combine them and you get...A Very Potter Musical.

This musical was created by Starkid Productions, which is a bunch of talented University of Michigan students. I've watched the whole thing a couple of times now & laugh my ass off each time. The sequel, so appropriately named A Very Potter Sequel was posted on Youtube a couple of weeks ago. You can watch each scene of both musicals as a separate video on YouTube. Both musicals have been insanely successful & popular with HP fans. The writing is hilarious (Harry defeats the Hungarian Horntail Dragon with the power of song, Malfoy falls in love with Hermione, Dumbledore has a Zac Efron "Zefron" poster in his office, Voldemort is a tap-dance-loving lonely man just looking for a friend, etc.) and most of the singers are awesome. I don't want to give too much away.

I watched another one of Starkid's plays, Me & My Dick, which features a lot of the same cast from the Potter musicals. Just as fantastic.I am so excited that Potter lovers have made such an entertaining parody, that I bought the Starkid & Me & My Dick albums off ITunes. Darren Criss, who plays Harry & wrote the music, also has an EP for sale on ITunes, called Human. He sounds like Jason Mraz.

Left: Me as Bellatrix, Right: Rita Skeeter. At the launch for Book 7, three years ago.
Visit the Starkid Productions Website

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