Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too Bad If You're Sick of This Song!

Since this song has been stuck in my head for the past week….and EVERYBODY is posting it on Facebook….I guess it’s time that I talk about it…

So, if you haven’t heard of the YouTube phenomenon, Rebecca Black with her song “Friday”….where have you been? In one week, this video scored 18 million hits on YouTube. I just checked now and it’s at 26 million and climbing. Apparently, Rebecca’s mom paid $2000 to ARK Music Factory (never heard of them) for her daughter to record this song/video. People have called it the “worst song ever.” Rebecca Black was on Good Morning America recently, and she revealed that she’s been getting death threats and horrible, horrible feedback about this song/video. I will argue, however, that this song is awesome. It’s an unintentional parody of pop music. This song may be ridiculous, but let’s cut the 13-year old some slack, shall we?

Here’s what I think:
  • She eats cereal in the morning. That’s a good sign that she’s not developing an eating disorder. Parents everywhere thank her.
  • “Which seat can I take?” is a very valid question. How often have you walked to the side of someone’s car, only to have your friends inside motion “other side!” when you try to get in? Exactly. The creepy rapper further emphasizes the distinction between the front seat and the back seat. I find this very useful.
  • I thoroughly enjoy the girls sitting in the back seat (it’s the back seat by the way, NOT the front seat) with Rebecca.  They both have braces. Thank goodness, because now I don’t feel like shit every time I watch music video with girls shaking their greasy asses all over the place. My self esteem has gone way up. I even yelled, “Hey girls, I got MY braces off 6 years ago! Suckas!” to my computer screen at one point.
  • “Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday…Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwards” is by far the best part of the song. Why? Not because it’s redundant and ridiculous like most people would argue. This is, in fact, an excellent teaching resource for helping kids learn the days of the week.
  • The unknown rapper is indeed creepy. But, you know, he’s living it up big time now that he’s in a 13-year-old’s music video. And it’s great that he’s “switchin’ lanes when a car pull up beside.” Promoting good driving skills? Check.
  •  People should stop criticizing her so-called “bad lyrics.” I would argue that the lyrics, “Partying partying yeah. Partying partying yeah. Fun fun fun fun” definitely rival the lyrics of the current top pop stars. What about Justin Bieber’s “Baby baby baby ooooh. Baby baby baby nooooo”? What about Katy Perry’s “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?” Clearly Rebecca is only taking inspiration from the best.
  • Friday is awesome and should be celebrated in song. Besides, what else does a 13-year-old have to sing about?
Here’s what I’m still questioning:
  •  What exactly do 13-year-olds do on Fridays? I remember walking around the mall for a bit then going to the movies, when I was 13. I would describe that as “fun,” not “fun fun fun fun.”
  •  Is that boy old enough to drive?
  • If they’re “On the highway…Cruising so fast,” why are the girls half-standing in the back seat (it’s the back seat, NOT the front seat, by the way). Isn’t that dangerous?
  •  What is the creepy rapper’s name? I’m just curious because I know he’s going to make it big at some point.
  • Why is the “bus stop” sign so effing huge?
  • Will clubs be playing this song in the near future? (I hope so).
I will now leave you with the best parody video of this song that I have seen so far. It involves a man in a dress, which, as you all know, tickles my fancy.


  1. Okay. That parody is genius! I love it so much!

  2. This song is so awful, I'm sorry. It's fine for kids and preteens, but please keep it on Radio Disney!

  3. Haha! I love your commentary on this song, and I totally love that parody.

  4. I had never heard of the song. Ok well now I have!

  5. Your review of this amazing song is FANTASTIC. I'm in love with your points about the song having educational components. Also, nice award display! ;)