Saturday, March 19, 2011

Get Out of Hell Free

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet!

I’ve been absolutely crazy busy with school --- but I’m proud to say that after 5 straight years, I have no more university classes to attend!! Woohoo! I now have to do my final teaching placement for the next 5 weeks, and then I’m ACTUALLY done.  Eeeek, I’m so nervous for Monday. But compared to my previous teaching placement where kids threw things at me and started school fires, I think I can handle anything.

Since I posted last, one of the cool events I attended was a performance/lecture/reading by Kate Bornstein. She’s a transgendered author and gender theorist – her books are awesome – and hearing her live did not disappoint. Her stories and monologues were hilarious, riveting, and depressing all at the same time. I even cried during some of them, which is something that I DO NOT do very often. (Actually, who am I kidding? I cried when Ron and Sam broke up on Jersey Shore for the 100th time. Whatever, Jersey Shore is a whole other blog post).

As we left, she handed each of us a “get out of jail free card.” Her motto for the entire performance pretty much was, “Do whatever makes your life more worth living.” No matter if you’re a L or G or B or T or an XYZ I think this message connects to everyone on some level. She went on to explain that although she can’t get us out of jail if whatever we do lands us there, that she will happily spend our time in hell for us if we’re afraid our actions will land us there. Anyways, here’s the card. I’m going to put it in my scrapbook of life (yes I do have one, shut up.)

It’s March break right now. My out-of-town sister came and visited for a couple of days. She’s five years older than me, and although I very much enjoy her company, I’ve slowly come to realize over the past few years that she’s getting old. She talks about her potential bridesmaid dress colours (she’s not engaged yet). She relates everything that happens to her dog. She grows plants.

We went to a 1920s themed social/drag show, which was awesome. We looked great in our costumes, we drank lots of wine, and drag queens were roaming across the floor freely. In other words, the dance floor was calling us. She, however, sat across the table from me, looking unimpressed and tired. She started texting me from across the table….because leaning over and talking to me wasn’t cool enough, apparently. Keep in mind that when my sister texts, she’ll text one word per separate text. For example, instead of saying, “Hey, Sis! How’s it going?” in one text, she’ll say, “Hey.” “Sis!” “How’s it.” “Going?” “:D” “lol.” All in separate texts. You’ve been warned.

K-money: What’s wrong?
Sister: I’m tired.
K: Let’s dance!
S: My stomach hurts.
S: I’ve been farting forever.
S: Like, don’t come over here.
S: I think it’s because I’ve been holding them in all day on the airplane.
S: That drag queen
S: Looks hot!
S: Urrgh
S: My stomach
S: Hurts.
S: Like, it’s never hurt.
S: This bad before.
S: I can’t move.
K: Go to the b room. Ur annoying me.
S: I did.
S: It didn’t help.
S: It’s okay.
S: Go dance.
S: I’ll just sit here.
S: Or I’ll just go home.
S: Actually
S: I’ll sit here.
S: My stomach feels like it’s gonna explode.

You get the picture. And if you were wondering…Yes, my phone bill does indeed cost me a ton of money every month because of messages like these.

Oh, and the last awesome thing that’s happened recently?? How about the Kurt/Blaine romance that I’ve been rooting for on Glee forever?!?! I love how the writers didn’t pair them up right away. They needed some sexual tension. Anyways, the most recent episode of Glee involved them having a super awesome passionate kiss. It wasn’t just some wimpy “let’s-do-this-really-fast-so-we-are-less-likely-to-offend-people” kiss. Nope, it was fiery. After they stop, Blaine says, about their song for Regionals, “Well I guess we should practice” and Kurt responds with, “I thought we were.” And then they lean in for another smooch! Thanks Fox for actually showing a kiss that seemed legit and passionate. If Glee makes this Kurt/Blaine romance short-lived, I will be very sad indeed.

Anyways, wish me luck for Monday when I go to teach in a new school!! Eeek, so nerve-wracking! Hopefully I’ll make time to blog more frequently during the next bit. But after these 5 weeks are over and I’m officially school-less and job-less, I’ll have plenty more time to reconnect with the blogosphere. I really miss reading your guys’ blogs, and I really want to start making time to catch up on them again!

P.S. You probably noticed that I changed the layout of this blog. Although the old one was cool, it pretty much gave me a seizure every time I looked at it. Hope you like!


  1. Good Luck on teaching. Keep in mind that you just have to be yourself and let your personality shine through.

  2. What you wrote about Sis, makes me miss her a whole lot! You captured her perfectly:) I wonder what school would have been like for us if we had cell phones to text with rather than just passing notes between classes....

  3. (a) I BAWLED my face off when Kurth & Blaine finally kissed. Then bawled AGAIN with the sequel-smooch. It's so refreshing to see a gay teen couple that actually ACTS like a couple! YAY!

    (b) I'm digging your new blog layout as well as your new profile pic (it's SASSY)

    (c) Your sister is hilarious.