Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smart Girl

I have an arch nemesis.

She was in a bunch of my classes in my undergrad, and I never forgot her. Why? Well, she was one of those keeners that answered questions all the time. I'm sure we've all had our fair share of keeners, but she was much different. Most keeners (I find) are mature students, who think they know shit because they've "experienced" life. I'll never forget the guy who gave a ten-minute long statement about his time in the war, while my professor stood with his arms folded and with a livid look on his face.

My friend and I nicknamed this girl "Smart Girl" (original, I know). At first we thought she was brilliant and didn't mind her answering all the time, but after she started talking soooo much, we thought she was very show-offish. We started resenting her even more, because well, she was smart. To top it all off, she was pretty too. We started asking ourselves, "who IS this girl?"

Throughout the time I had classes with her, I tried desperately to find a flaw with her. She can't possibly know everything, I told myself. How wrong I was. I found out that she knows everything about academia, music, art, culture...ah! She even mentioned her boyfriend during one of her responses once, and I thought, "Damn, somebody loves her too!"

Last year, I believe she moved away to do her masters. I was excited for my classes to be smart-girl-free. It was sheer bliss, let me tell you. My classmates and I didn't feel like such stupid morons anymore. We could actually answer questions and feel slightly intelligent, without the presence of Smart Girl. I could sit in class and not have the urge to strangle someone.

This year...she returned.

Thankfully, I only have one class with her, but the urge to throw pencil shavings at her head was still there (and I use a laptop, so that's saying something). She's still up to her old Smart Girl tricks, but of course, she's now more educated than before. No I'm not jealous (well, maybe just a little).

We had an activity in class where we had to partner up and do a drama activity. I tried with all my might to avoid partnering up with her, but alas, fate clearly wants her to appear as much as possible. She reached out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Smart Girl." I half-smiled back to myself, thinking, I know who you are. And of course, you think you're so smart by wanting to shake my hand. Bitch. 

What's propelled me to write this post, however, is the fact that she's EVERYWHERE. She's all over Facebook making friends with people I've newly made friends with. She's posing in pictures for Halloween with them, looking all pleased with herself. She's attended shows/plays that I've attended. She talks about transvestite musicals in class. You all know how much I love transvestite musicals. This. Is. Not. Cool.

My friend pointed out the fact that I probably hate her so much because we're so similar and we have the same interests. Urrghh.

Now that she's all over Facebook, and making friends with my friends, perhaps it's time that I lay down my grudge and "try" to be friends with her?

We'll see...


  1. Watch your back; she's after your identity k-money. She'll start a blog with a David Bowie reference in the title next.

  2. Just hit her over the head with a book! THE END!

  3. I hate those people!! When I was in 2nd year, a bunch of friends and I took a criminology class. There was a chick there who was super non-insightful and monopolized any class conversation. She also flipped her hair a lot. Obviously, she became the 'Hair Flipper' although sometimes she was 'Hoops' because she wore huge hoop earrings. Oh man, she was the WORST!