Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween last night was...okay. I guess it's a given that anywhere you go is going to be super packed, super smelly, and super slippery. By super slippery, I mean that the floor is usually COVERED in alcohol. And because I'm a) very klutzy, b) can't walk in heels for the life of me, and c) an idiot, I did a massive body dive onto the middle of the dance floor. Good times. But I did manage to save my beer, so I guess the story's not so bad.

We went to a shag -- people have different interpretations of that, though. By "shag" in my city, we mean "pre-wedding social" or "stag and doe" or whatever the hell else people call it. It was funny when my friend's British in-laws came to visit this past summer. I was casually talking about going to a shag and they looked at me with astonished looks on their faces and exclaimed, "You did what?!"

My costume was super awesome...not gonna lie. There was another Madonna there, but my costume totally killed hers. She didn't even put any effort into hers and wasn't wearing any cross jewelry. Lame. Here's me as "Lucky Star" Madonna:

I hope everyone's Halloween was awesome!


  1. Awesome! Old school Madonna is definitely the way to go. And I love that you rocked the crucifix.

  2. You looked great!! Stupid other Madonna poser...

  3. Cool outfit. And I would react the same way to someone saying they were going to a shag. Although going for a shag would be more correct, I suppose.