Monday, February 21, 2011

The First Addition to my Time Capsule

You'll probably think I'm strange (or probably already do), but I've been hanging on to this magazine since it arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago:

I kept it partly because I have a mad crush on Darren Criss (dude on the left), but mostly because I think the "special report" headline is great/ridiculous. My goal is to put it in my time capsule, and in 50 years, show my grandkids who will exclaim, "Oh fabulous Grandma, I can't believe that there was a time when gay teens WEREN'T on TV!" I guess I'm going to have to make a time capsule. And get me some grandkids at some point.

First of all, "gay teens on TV" is obviously a fantastic thing. This headline amuses me, however, because it should have been on the magazines a long, long, time ago. "Gay teens on TV" should be so normalized at this point that this headline need not exist. I feel like I've been transported back in time, and I'm reading this:

Also, I think Darren Criss should be commended because of his appearance on Ellen. He mentioned that in an idealistic world, he would not have to constantly reaffirm that he's a straight guy playing a gay character, and that he did not initially want to have to keep telling people that he was straight (because it obviously shouldn't matter). Yay, Darren Criss. It bothers me when people do the whole "don't worry, I'm only playing a gay character! Heaven forbid you get the wrong idea."

This reminds me of a clip that I saw in my Gender & Media class last year. Not that I'm equating gay characters with Kiefer Sutherland wearing a dress, but this clip makes me laugh sooooo hard because Kiefer is CONSTANTLY trying to prove his masculinity (i.e. sitting with his legs open, referring to the fact that he's embarrassed by wearing the dress, etc.). Of course, he doesn't want us to "get the wrong idea" either.  Note how both he and David Letterman can't talk about anything other than the fact that Kiefer is wearing a dress.

It's a dress people. It's not that shocking. Get over it, already!


  1. I HOPE that we can look back in 50 years and reflect on how ridiculous the Entertainment Weekly cover is.

    If "Love Life of a Midget" and "Will Hollywood Let Negros Make Love?" is any indication of former headlines, it just MIGHT happen. (like, WHERE did you find this magazine cover??)

    Oh, and Kiefer is a total moron (*looks around for 24-fans to start freaking out*)

  2. i'm glad about what darren said too. i also hate the whole straight guys can play gay characters, but gay guys can't play straight characters. ANNOYING!!!!