Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Almost Halloween!!

Last night we went to Rocky & it was pretty good -- I only had about 5 mins to do my makeup, which sucked. I think a lot of the audience were RHPS virgins because:
a) people yelled "asshole" & "slut" sooooooo many times -- way more than was necessary, trust me, I would know
b) the girl sitting in front of me had an ENTIRE MOVIE SCRIPT with the callouts on it. She sat through the whole movie reading the script with her cellphone -- very distracting & very uncool
c) nobody threw toilet paper! I was also the only person who threw confetti....oh well!
d) people yelled ... but not as epically as last year

I'm on the far right -- oh and yes I'm wearing an afro because that's all I could find!
Those matters aside, I enjoyed my fave day of the year -- besides Christmas, of course.

Anyways, I'm super pumped for Halloween tonight! As I've mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE Halloween because my family never celebrated it all through my childhood, so I go a bit crazy every year. Tonight I'm going to be Madonna from the Lucky Star video. The outfit is pretty easy, and obviously cool, and not too slutty like 95% of other peoples' costumes, so I'm happy.

Happy almost Halloween everyone! If you have a cool outfit, post your pics on your blog -- because I will definitely be creeping them.


  1. I am going as a Ghostbuster! No particular one, just a Ghostbuster outfit. I don't know if too many kids have ever heard of the Ghostbusters but oh well! Have a Happy Halloween!

  2. I was supposed to go to a Zombie Masquerade...but I lamed out and went to bed early. The shame. Now I have to wait another year, and only have myself to blame.

  3. It sucks that people at the RHPS were being lame, but at least you dressed up and had fun! Awesome outfit. I'm posting my Halloween pics right now!

  4. Watchman - Ghostbusters are high on the scale of coolness. What a great costume choice!

    TbR - Zombie Masquerade, really?!? Are you supposed to dress like a zombie/wear a mask/ballroom dance? Please tell me that's the case. And don't feel bad about going to bed early -- that's exactly what I did for New Years last year.

    theTsaritsa - I'm so pumped for your Halloween pics! According to your blog, you have more than 1 Halloween costume?!? Yay.