Friday, October 8, 2010

Why John Lennon's Gravestone Will Disintegrate and Nobody Will Care

I'm scared. I really am. The other day I was eavesdropping and I heard a dude say that his favourite guitarist is Mick Jagger. That's like saying that your favourite feminist is Paris Hilton (which, I'm sure Paris would adopt as her new 'career' and fail at miserably -- just like she did with singing).

I feel like I'm the only person in my social circle that listens to anything pre-80s. Sure, everyone's heard of Janis Joplin & the Doors, but can anyone name more than 2 of their songs? (This is a rhetorical question people -- I'm sure if you're reading this blog, you're cool enough already). How many kids that wear Pink Floyd t-shirts can actually name all the band members?

More importantly, why do people think that Lady Gaga is a revolutionary when we've clearly seen it before...

"Meat Dress" by Jana Sterbak, 1984

And purleeease, wearing a dress made of meat that symbolizes standing up for your rights or you'll become "a piece of meat" is the lamest connection ever. Yes Gaga, I watched you say that on Ellen, and she did not look impressed.

Yes, it's cool when you play the piano with your foot...

...but Liu Wei uses both feet & plays the piano with his TOES.

For the record, I do love Gaga. She plays with the concepts of gender & fashion in very interesting ways, not to mention that she's an amazing singer & pianist. But I don't think she's as "out there" as everyone believes her to be. And I love Bowie more.

Sorry about going off on a tangent...back to my despairing for the future. It just gets me down when young people only know who The Clash are because "oohhh, I played one of their songs on Rockband!" It's sad that my friend who was illustrating a children's book I was writing for one of my classes drew a "Jimmy Hendrix" poster -- not what I asked for! A lot of people still hear the bass line from "Under Pressure" and go "hey, it's Vanilla Ice."

Oh future, how you make me weep.


  1. But Paris Hilton IS my favourite feminist!
    I kid, I kid..
    I couldn't agree more that Bowie will always win. Always.

  2. I think Mick Jagger and Bowie do a duet together, a cover of Dancing in the Street. I like to say to my mom, "Oh that Jagger and Bowie song Dancing in the street is awesome!" She'll get all indifferent and say, IT'S NOT THEIR SONG!! But see right there, I can't even pick a current cover to piss off my mom. I would have to say something like, Oh Brittney's song My prerogative is soooooooo good!!

    But anyway, I know what you mean about the future generations. And I also agree about Gaga. I like her, but she's not totally awesomely amazingly original or out there. For the same reason that Alice Cooper will always be better than Marylin Manson. Sorry, Manson, it's been done before and by someone SO MUCH BETTER!!!

  3. The Dancing in the Street video is awesome. Seriously, I want to dance to that song at my wedding, just like they do in the music video. And yes, Alice Cooper totally kicks Marilyn Manson's ass.

  4. This is true. The passage of time is eroding the appreciation of great music. A damn shame. Maybe we should hold some sort of vigil.

    I remember once, when I was young and naive and only had 3 CDs, I said I thought Brian May was the best guitarist ever. I was laughed out of the room. Still, I'd rate him above Jagger.

  5. Uhh who's Paris Hilton? Is she like supposed to be some kind of famous person?

  6. ga ,ga ...blah ,blah ...only shocks people with her outfits cos its all she has real songwriting skil - lennon and McCartney she aint !!!