Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Series of Fortunate Sort-Of Events

So, 3 exciting things have happened recently.

1) I Dressed Convincingly As a Man....Sort Of
As much as I've expressed before that I really don't see anything worthwhile about dressing in drag (if you're a girl)....well, I was hella wrong. Dressing as a dude is fun. It's a lot more comfortable and you can sit with your legs wide open. However, I have learned NOT to wear flowery socks & short pants for next time. Also, apparently my "dude speak" ends up becoming "black speak." I kept saying things like, "Hey girrrl, you lookin' dayum fly!" Urgh.

I really wanted to look like a "hot/preppy" dude, but instead my friends and I ended looking like creepy truckers/pedophiles. We went to a gender event thing @ my university, and then out for apps, which was fun. A friend of a friend, who performs at drag shows a lot was there, and performed a number which was really awesome. Which leads to #2.

2) I Actually Went to a Good Drag Show
I've complained before that my small, crappy city has small, crappy drag shows. I'm not saying everyone I've seen perform here is bad, but from the ones I've been to, I've seen a lot of screaming/metal numbers/unconvincing attire. Just sayin'. However, I know I should applaud anyone who has the guts to go onstage and perform in drag, even if they suck. *applause*
Anyways, the friend of a friend from awesome event #1 was performing in a show this past weekend, and we'd told her we'd go. I'm not sure if it was her, or the many "I'm sad it's Valentines Day and I'm single!" drinks I had, or the fact that we were in a small grimy pub with cool people, but it was GREAT. I somehow made my way to the front of the stage and started dancing with the drag kings. I will definitely go again.

3) I Found Out Where My Next Teaching Placement Is!
So, I will be teaching Gr. 8 at a relatively good school. I'm TERRIFIED. Teaching grade 8 means that I will have to teach all subjects. Let me remind you that I would purposely "forget" my gym clothes in gym class so I wouldn't have to play. I'm pretty sure grade 8 boys can whip a dodgeball really hard. Also, I almost failed math in high school, so good times. The craziest thing, however, is that this is a shared placement, which means I will be student teaching with someone else. Shared placements are rare. And guess who my partner is?? It's one of my best friends, who I shall call Myrtle. I think this is absolutely nuts. The odds of me getting a shared placement, with her, out of hundreds of people in the program is ridiculous. Hopefully we're not competing against each other & will want to kill each other by the end. I don't want it to ruin our friendship. We'll see.

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